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WILLIAM+IVANA - When Jay Zhou meets Mey Chan :)

Once upon a time, it’s all started from the gym to a “mandatory” phone call. They just casually talked over the phone, but from there, the chemistry began. When they finally met, WIlliam’s persona made Ivanna saw the resemble of her fave Chinese Celebrity Jay Zhou. And this “ Jay Zhou” didn’t shy to tell his feelings to her.

From the sight went straight down to his heart. The beauty of Ivana just captured his attention. A simple Japanese hairstyle, just add the “zing” inside his heart. He loves every minute that they had they spent together, especially when the Valentine’s Day comes. It always be one of his favourite moment. One of the special gift that he like so much was when she gave him his favourite white belt. He thought it was elegant and romantic, because it was a surprise.

William is always finds a way to make her happy. Ivana’s favourite gift is a small white bear that he gave when they travelled together in Singapore. He is so shy, but that made her curious about him. Ivana feels like there are still plenty of things to explore about him. Ivana also loves him very much because he was very patient even they were in a long distance relationship. He was very loyal and patiently waited for her. Last but not least, Ivana really, really likes William, because he is so “Jay Zhou” look alike, and that’s a bonus! 

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