Monday, May 23, 2011

Hansen & Fesia - Live, Life, Love; everyday with love!

This lovely couple met at the church and worked together in the youth community. He was the head of the community and she was his secretary. He's not a romantic guy, which is why there was no ‘Do you want to be my girlfriend?’ word came out. No one noticed they were dating until the next 7 months. So they decided 8 February 2008 (the first day they hold their hands together) was the date!!

Hansen and Fesia also have these cute five dolls which were created by a UK company called ‘Fizzy Moon’. Each of them have their own names; ‘Timmy, Tammy, Temmy, Toddy and Telly’. They create different personalities, hobbies and favorite food for each character, and they want some of them involved in this photoshoot! :)

Finally, after 3 years been together, the reason why they choose 22nd of May for their wedding day is because both of their parents got married at the same day; 22nd of May 1983. 28 years later, inspired by their parents, they want to celebrate their parents’ 28th anniversary together with the wonderful beginning of their new life as husband & wife.


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