Friday, March 16, 2012

Adi+Lingga - Love Like This

Adi and Lingga started their journey as a High School friend. Adi was her senior and fell in love with her from the first time he saw her at school. Adi tried his best to show his affection and care to Lingga. And the seed of love finally grew between this two lovebirds. But distance separate them, Lingga continue her education in U.S.A. 

It’s all about long distance relationship! All these years they manage to keep their relationship on the right path, because of trust and open communication. Because of the distance, holidays are always best moments for them. One best moment that they had together was when Lingga had her graduation in U.S.A. They spent so much time together and did a road trip to Los Angeles. They really enjoyed the adventures.

Lingga loves to travel. When the holiday came, she love to travel with Adi. One day, they went to Gili Trawangan, hired a bike to go around the island. But because the road was very sandy, the romantic biking afternoon was turned into a full of sweat activity. They have to push their bike together through the “offroad” track back to the hotel, but romance was still there though :)

Adi loves Lingga because she’s very nice, kind, and care so much about him. While Lingga loves Adi because he’s very funny, and always make her day full of laughter and smile. She also loves him because he can give her logical answer and thinking about what’s right and what’s wrong. According to Lingga, Adi looks are very similar to Fido Dido, a cartoon character from Sprite. Skinny, tall, with spiky hair :D


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