Sunday, July 3, 2011

Jonathan & Vina - L.O.V.E

Their story began when they met on a family dinner after church. Their family went to the same church and they were introduced. Amazed by Vina’s charm and beauty, Jonathan asked her phone number, and they’ve been communicating since. They started to go to church together every week. Finally, Jonathan encouraged himself to asked Vina to be his girlfriend on their way to one of their date night. But Vina didn’t answer until 1 month later.

One thing is quite unique on one of our photo-shoot, they brought this two red and blue sesame street’s character, they’re Elmo & Cookie Monster. Turns out these cute cartoon characters resemble Jonathan and Vina. Jo as Elmo cause he looks like him, and Vina as Cookie Monster who loves to eat cookies a lot.

Every couple always has a story to tell to their children about how their father propose to their mother. And for Jonathan and Vina, the story happened on a Valentine’s Day 14 February 2010. They had a great Valentine’s Day date and at the end of it, Jonathan drove Vina home. Un-expectedly Jonathan pull out a box of wedding ring from his pocket, get down on his knees in front of Vina and ask the sacred question “Will you marry me ??”. Without hesitation, Vina accepted his proposal as a sign of agreement to be the lovely future Mrs. Jonathan Budiono.


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