Saturday, October 1, 2011

Alwin & Yuke - Big Love Bear

In 2005 Alwin & Yuke knew each other. It was quite a long years just being ‘say hi’ friends and they were both on their own relationships. Their story began on early in the new year morning (2009). Alwin showed up at Yuke’s family’s villa to see her.. a Big White Bear, we mean guy hahaha, still looks so sleepy yet enthusiastic.

They knew each other for so long, yet the destiny brought them together in the last three years. When Yuke was in Beijing, they were msn-ing, and skyping. Alwin showed his care during her stay there. But still, they were just a good friend back then until Alwin officially ask me to be his girlfriend. For Yuke, it was quite a “fight” to decide it.. However, they made the right decision. Alwin can be a best friend, a brother and a lover to her.

Alwin gave Yuke special presents during their years of relationship; a family of Pollarbears, consist of four different sizes and poses of Pollarbear wearing blue scarf. He gave them to her one by one on different occasions. Alwin also had a funny yet romantic way to propose to Yuke. He took one of the Pollarbear and gave it back to her the next day with a ring hang on the scarf.
And of course, she said yes!

There’s a saying that a delicious food can reach a man’s heart. This is so true for Alwin’s case! He loves it when Yuke cooks for him. He also loves the way she hugs him. On the other side, what Yuke love about Alwin is that he is caring, patience and mature when he solve problems. The great thing about their relationship is whenever they hit a “bump”, they always remind each other about their deep & passionate love, and also give each other a big hug. Hopefully this October 1st, will be a perfect day for them to start their journey as husband and wife.


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