Sunday, October 16, 2011

Kevin & Niken - Love in The U.S.A.

Kevin & Niken were introduced through a mutual friend, and they spent a lot of time on the internet to chat with each other. The first time they met was in Bali n a holiday with a friend. He brought her 10 packs of chocolate cake along the way from LA-Thailand-Jakarta-Bali, and he literally travelled with those chocolate cakes!

Niken visited Kevin in LA when they spent 2 weeks together. When Kevin asked her to become his girlfriend, they were in a beach of Catalina Island. He waited until 9PM to ask her for being his girlfriend (it was so cold.. since they were still in swimsuit and he didn’t want to leave the beach before 9PM). Few months later, Niken flew to Dubai then Kevin was back in Singapore. So again they have time differences problem. They promised to each other that the distance between Dubai-Singapore was the last of our long distance relationship ‘till they would end up in Singapore..


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